Agbonlahor reveals there was a partisan division in the Lions team under Captain Becks.

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Former Aston Villa striker Gabbie Agbonlahor has opened up about the ‘Golden Age’ England dressing room, claiming he didn’t like his time in the squad with David Beckham, Wayne. Rooney and many other stars

  With only a few days left until England kick off the 2022 World Cup with Iran , Gareth Southgate’s side head to Qatar with the aim of capturing their first major title at the tournament. At 56, one of the hallmarks of England under Southgate was that they seemed very close and connected as a team. The proof of that is Wi. Social media dios of players reporting to the national team seem to understand the ties within their group.

Agbonlahor reveals there was a partisan division in the Lions team under Captain Becks.

           However, it seems that is not always the case. Recently , former Aston Villa striker Gabbie Agbonlahor, who won three England caps under Fabio Capello during the month May 2008 to November 2009 spoke about his experience with the national team on talkSPORT . He didn’t really like his time in the England team.

         Agbonlahor was called up to the national team at the same time. With English players of that era being dubbed the ‘Golden Age’, although by the time Agbonlahor joined the UFABET team it was beyond their peak. Like David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and John Terry among others. Arguably the best player the country has ever played, Pep Guardiola has said he ‘didn’t understand’ why England failed to win titles when there were so many talents.

          Despite being full of big-name players and full of experience But Agbonlahor reveals that None of the English stars have attempted to welcome him or players from lesser-known clubs into the squad. “When I was called up to the England national team You’ll see all the Manchester United players sitting together. Like Chelsea and Liverpool ′′ ′′ Then you see players from Middlesbrough, West Ham, Villa. We know our position. The team in the middle of the table is at the end of the table in the cafeteria.”

          “There will be a big long table. And you’ll never sit on the left-hand side of a table with Rooney, Beckham, Rio (Ferdinand), Terry, Ashley Cole, Michael Carrick, you. Knew you couldn’t sit there! ” He even admitted that he didn’t like playing for England at all. “I just don’t like it!… Rio, JT, Ashley Cole, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, they are all elite players. And you’ll be like… acting right when you meet all the big stars.”

   Even former England captain Beckham seemed left alone. According to Agbonlahor, it ‘s because some players don’t seem to dare to talk to him He won’t speak to anyone. He has his diary and spends most of his time with himself ′ ′ I remember Phil Jagielka (former Everton centre-back) asking him about the Milan derby. He closed the book angrily and said: ‘Did you really ask me this?'” “He didn’t want to talk to anyone. I said to Jagielka, ‘You are very brave. to ask like that!’”

           England team building has clearly evolved over the years. Southgate’s side seem fully backed as the country prepares for Qatar 2022. Perhaps that sense of solidarity played a part in the Three Lions’ success at least reaching the semi-finals on tour. The last two big tournaments, something the ‘Golden Age’ has never been able to do, is not a good thing to have a sense of division in any team. We never know if a more united Capello-era England team could have the whole country fulfill their long-awaited title win?