Fierce female soccer player files lawsuit against Rubiales for ‘arbitrary kiss’

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Genny Hermoso, a young Spanish midfielder was kissed by RFEF President Luis Rubiales. While receiving her championship medal without her consent. Files a lawsuit with the court to punish this action

Spanish midfielder Jenny Hermoso has taken legal action against Luis Rubiales. The president of the Spanish Football Federation ( RFEF ), after he unexpectedly kissed her. During the championship medal ceremony Women’s World Cup 2023. Where the Spanish champions defeated England 1-0 in the final. in Australia On Sunday, August 20th

Fierce female soccer player files lawsuit against Rubiales for 'arbitrary kiss'

The scandal resulted in Rubiales being suspended from football for 90 days by the International Football Federation ( FIFA) pending an investigation. While at the end of last month Prosecutors at the Spanish High Court said that this big boss May be charged with sexual harassment. This carries a prison sentence of between one and four years. If the 33-year-old female football player files a complaint about this incident.

Most recently, the young star player of Pachuca in the Mexican league. Hermoso filed a lawsuit against the opportunistic 46-year-old president. Prosecutors said Hermoso gave her testimony. on Tuesday, September 5, and the lawsuit will be processed as soon as possible. While the representatives of the young midfielder and the football president Unable to comment at this time.

The aftermath of the incident resulted in Pedro Rocha, acting president of the Spanish Football Federation, ordering the dismissal of Jorge Bilda from her position as manager of the women’s team. Despite leading the โปรโมชั่น ufabet team to win the World Cup for the first time He has a good relationship with Rubiales and even applauded him at a press conference for refusing to resign. along with the appointment of Montse Tome, female assistant, to act in his place

Tome , who has been an assistant with the women’s soccer team since 2018, becomes the first female coach from Spain, while Bilda has also been relieved of her role as the women’s sports director. After being fired, he came out to criticize this decision. It’s unfair to him. And the applause had nothing to do with the kiss. But it was about getting the contract renewed. In addition, there were people around him applauding. So he must follow.