Media bloat City not close to Ronaldo as claimed

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According to ESPN, information obtained from Manchester City sources confirms. Cristiano Ronaldo is not as close to joining the UFABET team. As he has been interviewed because the Blues do not provide information. interested in that much

ESPN sports media giant News reports that the statement that Cristiano Ronaldo spearheaded the Portuguese. He was close to moving to Manchester City is not true at all. Because even though the Blue Sailboat will give real interest. But did not try hard to bring himself to live in the Etihad Stadium. Until the so-called stage Aiming to get the body to strengthen the army

Media bloat City not close to Ronaldo as claimed

The first episode of an interview with Piers Morgan on talk TV. Which was published on Wednesday night, November 16 the 37-year-old. Star has spoken of returning to play at his former agency again. He almost didn’t exist. Because it is close to joining the army to join the rival city, but Sir Alex Ferguson, a legendary coach who is like his second father, is interfering.

At the same time, having played with Manchester United before, he had to follow his own heart by moving back to Old Trafford again instead, however, City sources came out. confirmed to ESPN that his statement did not reflect the truth about their interest at the time. which does not require many players

Previously, Pep Guardiola, the Spanish trainer, came out for an interview. Won’t sign a striker, although Ronaldo won’t sign a contract with United and they don’t have a striker in the 2021-2022 season, before last summer they grabbed Erling Haaland ‘s head . giant spear The explosive form has scored 23 goals from 18 appearances on the field, including all items for the club.

Some elite media reported that Sailboat withdrew from the deal of interest in CR7, not the player refusing to join the team. therefore equal Interview with the captain of the Portuguese national team Therefore, it should be somewhat deviated from the truth. Or he may have received a miscommunication from his agent, Jorge Mendes.