‘Red Devils’ insist they will not remain silent while waiting for more information. ‘Antoni’ attacked his ex-girlfriend.

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Manchester United confirms they are aware of Brazilian police investigating. Antoni for assaulting his ex-girlfriend in the middle of last year. But will not comment until there is more information.

Manchester United, a club in the English Premier League, issued a statement confirming. Be informed of the allegations in the case of Brazilian winger Antoni. He was being investigated by police in his hometown for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Between June 2022 and May 2023, we are awaiting further information from the exam results. Then there will be the next step.

'Red Devils' insist they will not remain silent while waiting for more information. 'Antoni' attacked his ex-girlfriend.

It has become a continuing scandal due to the case of Mason Greenwood, a rising star striker. who was released from cases of assault and rape. But the surrounding impact resulted in the Red Devils having to come to a mutual agreement on parting ways and sending them to Getafe  in the Bull League on loan. Then the Samba attacker, another famous player from United , came to Gabriel. Hunt Cavallin, an ex-girlfriend, sued, saying she had been assaulted multiple times since the middle of last year.

Even though the owner of the nickname The Mun came out to clarify that Did not commit any wrongdoing as the other party alleged. And will prove himself innocent, but the Brazilian national team has already cut his name from the team to meet Bolivia and Peru in the World Cup qualifying round and has already called Gabriel Jesus, Arsenal’s striker. Al , who just recovered from his injury, joined the team instead, while the player’s agency that has been quiet for a long time Recently, it has come out to move.

” Manchester United is aware of the allegations against Antoni and is aware that the police are investigating,” the club said in a statement. The club will not be commenting. As a ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com club, we are taking this matter very seriously. Taking into account the impact of these allegations and subsequent reporting will have consequences for those who have been violated.”

The coffee country’s police have received evidence including pictures, videos, conversations and statements from witnesses. Manchester police are investigating the matter. The female DJ later filed a report in the event that she had been headbutted by Antoni. and punched her, damaging her surgically enhanced breasts in a Manchester hotel room. At the beginning of the year on January 15th