‘Ronaldo’ can’t accept ‘Ten Hag’ disrespecting him, sending him into play for 3 minutes

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Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the issue of disrespect for Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag because top players were sent on late in the UFABET game to win Spurs. Demonstrating Disrespect while Arsenal is the team he wants to win after the Red Devils.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the veteran center Came out to expand on the subject of disrespect for Erik ten Hag, manager of Manchester United.  After the big bomb that dutch boss disrespect him. He was also disrespectful insisting he could not accept being sent on for the final three minutes of their 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur.

'Ronaldo' can't accept 'Ten Hag' disrespecting him, sending him into play for 3 minutes

Part 2 of an interview with Piers Morgan on talk TV. On Thursday, November 17, there were several interesting points. Especially about the feud with The Dutch boss is a 37-year-old striker said that. What Ten Hag said to the action was not the same. And playing him for just a few minutes would mean disrespect.

 “Don’t tell me that top players people who want to do everything main player To play for three minutes, well, this is unacceptable. After what they had said before, They respect me. To me, it’s disrespectful. This is why I decided to do this. (Not playing) I’m sorry, I’m sorry to my teammates for this incident, I posted on Instagram I’m sorry I had to walk off the pitch before the game was over. but vice versa I have no regrets about my decision not to play. The coach didn’t respect me. If you disrespect me I will never honor you,” said the Portugal striker .

Ronaldo meanwhile also admitted to his disappointment that he was banned from training with the first team for three days. because it felt too intense. He has never had a problem with any club. Or with any coach, okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m not perfect. He made the mistake of walking straight into the dressing room even though the game was not yet over. But a three-day break It’s really too much.

Another interesting point is About the team that will win the Premier League this season. CR 7 admits that if the Red Devils cannot win the championship. He wants to cheer Arsenal to win the Premier League this season. Because he likes this team, likes coach Mikel Arteta and thinks they have a good team. If Manchester United can’t get it, he’ll be happy if Arsenal can .