Southgate can’t sit still! Pochettino not interested in managing great people

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Unemployed Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino Ready to take over the England national team. If there is a contact Amid reports Gareth Southgate could be sacked. If he does not perform well at the World Cup.

The Athletic , a reliable media in the land of good people. News reports that Mauricio Pochettino, former Paris Saint-Germain coach Interested in taking over the position of the England national team boss. If there is a contact After this time. He is still unemployed since being fired by the billionaire team of the city of perfume. When the past summer, although the team has won the league championship.

Southgate can't sit still! Pochettino not interested in managing great people

Argentine coach Who has worked in the UFABET Premier League with Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur. Before has  been linked to the position of trainer of many famous teams. Most recently with Aston Villa,  but refused until the rising lion had to appoint Unai Emery to replace him. While the situation of Gareth Southgate, the head coach of the Roaring Lion , began to be uncertain.

With the team’s style of play and performances in the Nations League raising questions about his future at Wembley, although there is a contract that runs until 2024 and if he is to leave, the FA will have to figure it out. The 50-year-old has now confirmed he is available to take on the job. 

“Of course, my relationship with England national team That has always been very good. We have a good relationship with the Academy. who try to develop young players for the national team I feel comfortable here You never know what happened. I’m open to everything,” Pochettino told The Athletic.

for the England national team Trained at the Al Wakrah Sports Complex in Doha, Qatar to prepare before playing against the Iran national team. In the 2022 World Cup, the first group stage, Group B, on Monday, November 21, without James Maddison, the Siamese fox midfielder who is still injured. while other players no problem whatsoever