4 strong body odor foods that men must avoid Before risking ruining the charm

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Young men may not realize that they have strong body odour. Until someone dares to tell you. Of course, this unpleasant smell doesn’t just make it lose its charm. Lose confidence But it also makes people around you lose the atmosphere. I don’t want to get too close. The most common root cause is food. So let’s take a look at the following 4 foods. The more you eat, the more it creates skunk odor. Let me tell you that if it’s a favorite menu, guys should reduce the amount or avoid it as much as possible.

4 strong body odor foods that men must avoid Before risking ruining the charm

1. Alcoholic drinks

Party guy Or people who drink may have to stop a bit. Because alcoholic beverages are the cause of strong body odor. Whether it’s expensive wine or whiskey This is because alcohol evaporates an acid called acetate along with sweat. It creates a body odor that no one wants to be near.

2. Vegetables in the cruciferous family

If you are someone who likes to eat vegetables in this family regularly or very often, I can tell you that it is the cause of body odor that many people don’t know. Because vegetables contain sulfur When eaten, it is eliminated through sweat. It has become a body odor that can be used at all.

3. Food that has a lot of spices

It is classified as spicy food with a pungent odor. Young men who like to eat food with hot spices include garlic, shallots, chives or hot herbs in their ยูฟ่าเบท food. There will be compounds called high VOCs along with sulfur. Of course, the smell will come out of your mouth. and evaporates through the pores Until the perfume can’t easily resist your body odor.

4. Meat in the red meat section

The part of red meat that is used for cooking. Even though it’s cooked But in this part there will be a lot of sulfur.