Causes of bad breath With simple techniques Helps eliminate bad breath problems directly.

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Bad breath is a bothersome problem that no one wants to face because it negatively affects one’s personality. When talking to anyone, I lack confidence. Anyone who is facing problems with bad breath Today we have good techniques. That’s easy to do. In dealing with bad breath, we recommend that you try using it.

Causes of bad breath With simple techniques Helps eliminate bad breath problems directly.

Causes of bad breath

Bad breath is caused by abnormalities in the mouth. Both the presence of wounds in the mouth, such as burns in syphysis, wounds related to the gums and teeth, such as tooth decay, cause food particles to remain stuck in the tooth cavity. Formation of pus at the root of a tooth from tooth decay including periodontal disease or gingivitis that results in microbial plaque In addition, the secretion of saliva is abnormally small. This may be caused by drinking too little water, stress, or an abnormality from an illness. It can also affect the occurrence of bad breath. Because normally saliva helps clean the inside of the mouth. Helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria and reduce odor. But if the body is dehydrated The production of saliva to fight dirt inside the mouth is also less likely.

As for the causes of bad breath that occur outside the mouth There is also smoking. The smell of cigarettes will remain in the mouth. Eating food that has a strong smell Whether it’s garlic, spices, citrus, or even alcoholic beverages , it is another cause of bad breath.

Additionally, bad breath is a sign of illness. Because of bad breath May be caused by illnesses related to the respiratory system. including diseases of the upper respiratory tract such as tonsinitis, sinusitis, nasal cancer and diseases of the lower respiratory tract which is a disease related to the digestive system, excretory system, including lung disease and tuberculosis

How to prevent and treat bad breath

1. Maintain oral health regularly. By brushing your dreams in the right way At least 2 times a day, morning and evening or every time after eating. And you should use products that can help clean deep between the teeth. such as dental floss, because sometimes brushing alone may not reach the crevices of the teeth where small food particles often get stuck.

2. People who have problems with low saliva especially the elderly This can be fixed by drinking a lot of water. By sipping water often Or use the method of frequently rinsing your mouth with clean water. It can help as well.

3. Avoid eating food with strong odors. Or if eaten, you should clean your mouth and teeth to eliminate bad breath.

4. If the problem of bad breath occurs from a disease related to the gums and teeth You should see a doctor for complete treatment. and visit the dentist regularly

Helps to relieve bad breath such as chewing gum, breath deodorant spray, mouthwash, and breath deodorant tablets. Can help solve the problem of bad breath. But it’s only temporary. If the root cause of the bad breath problem is really not edited Therefore, if you want to solve the bad breath problem decisively and efficiently It’s best to fix the actual cause of the smell.