Headache What kind of headache is considered “abnormal”?

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No matter who, what age, what gender, can get a headache. There are many factors that can cause headaches. Until you may not know exactly what caused it.

besides stress not enough rest Or a headache from being sick or having a fever, there are many other causes that cause headaches. And there are many types of headaches. Which type is dangerous to the extent that paracetamol does not help? Let’s see. 

Headache What kind of headache is considered "abnormal"?

Causes of headaches that can be cured by yourself

  • Stressed, worried, overworked
  • Use your eyes to focus too much on something, such as staring at a computer. Mobile phones, tablets, or even televisions.
  • read books use computer mobile phone tablet in any place there is not enough light
  • getting too much caffeine It could be from drinking too much coffee (more than 2 cups a day).
  • not enough rest stay up late
  • headache from fever
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by headache from the above causes It will be a persistent headache. until it slightly interferes with daily life, such as being unable to continue working Can’t think of anything. But still able to tolerate the symptoms. Take painkillers like paracetamol or aspirin and rest for a while and you will be fine. 

But if you have a headache like this There may be normalities that require medical attention.

  • Severe headache, possibly on one side of the head spread to the eye socket, faint,
    the cause may be from migraine headaches or acute glaucoma
  • Headache too many times, more than once in a week, and the pain continues for months.
    The cause may be a problem with the nervous system.
  • Unbearable severe headache Along with nausea, vomiting, blurry vision, possible causes
    . There may be bleeding in the brain. meningitis or there is some kind of abnormality in the brain
  • headache after waking up in the morning Headache until startled
    cause besides stress. It could also be a brain tumor.
  • Severe headache with stiff neck
    caused by infection in the nervous system, such as meningitis
  • Headache and dizziness, confusion, slurred speech, lack of consciousness or loss of consciousness.
    The cause may be hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Headache after the head has been hit.
    The cause may be a hemorrhage in the brain from an accident.
  • I don’t usually get headaches, but suddenly I have a headache. And the symptoms are severe.
    The cause may be acute problems in the nervous system and brain.

However, if you feel that your headache is spreading or interfere with daily life too much Should see a doctor without waiting for a headache to be better. Because headache is the beginning symptom of many diseases, it is the first warning signal from the body. So don’t wait until it’s too late.