Why does hot weather give us headaches?

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Have you ever noticed why during hot weather? to cause us to have headaches or headaches The reason is that hot weather changes brain chemistry. can cause headaches

Why does hot weather give us headaches?

Hot weather can trigger migraine headaches.

like during the month of April in Thailand During high temperatures and strong sunlight may result in headaches. It is a primary headache, such as migraine, a type of headache. Characterized by throbbing pain and is often unilateral

The research found that Every 5 degree increase in hot weather results in an increase of 7.5% in patients with migraine attacks due to the cerebral arteries constricting and relaxing more than usual. Causing severe headaches

But as I said, hot weather may only be a factor that triggers the pain. It can be caused by other causes such as stress, less rest, menstruation.

Headache due to hot weather, what should I do?

If you have a headache due to hot weather In general, oral pain relievers are used. Such as paracetamol, enough rest. , Avoid areas with hot air.

If there is a need to go outside in the summer Maybe bring an umbrella and wear sunglasses. Or may carry a cold towel with you to wipe your face, neck, shoulders and shoulders to relieve the สมัคร ufabet body’s internal heat temperature.

If the headache is caused by the heat and does not feel better. You should consult your doctor for further examination and advice.